Friday, July 8, 2011


So here you have it, the 3 loves of my life. From Left: Darcy, Esme, Bonnie and me.
I cannot tell you how happy I was that we were all in the same state for a full TWO DAYS together. For some unknown and wondrous reason, I have had the fortune of growing up with the most amazing people. We have literally been witness to each others lives; loves, losses, jobs, apartments, heartbreak and utter humor. Take Darcy, for example. Darcy's sense of navigation is that of a blind mole sniffing around above ground in search of something tasty to eat but blithely unaware of anything else. She once asked how to get from my living room to the den.  True story. The thing about Darcy is that she is so fucking loving and supportive and creative, Bonnie last week made a good point: "I judge people that don't like Darcy. People that don't like her aren't good people." It's totally true. She is the complete opposite of me; I like to have things in their respective place at all times, it helps keep order, especially in my huge purses I lug around. Darcy? The inside contents of her purse look like the United Nations puked up artifacts from different countries and landed inside her bag. She has a wallet, but doesn't put her money in it. She has a debit card, but instead of putting it somewhere in her satchel, she stuffs it in her sock, as in to say, her feet. Darcy is this incredible genius; she writes so well it puts everyone else to shame. She is this whirling swirling force that makes me laugh and constantly is able to lift me up out of dark places in my life and see brightness.
Bonnie is this seemingly quiet polite girl who has a wonderful giggle that makes men weak in the knees. Get a drink in her, and the next thing you know she'll wrestle anyone to the ground (ahem, me). I picked her up from the bus station, and immediately she put on this song and jammed out to it like it was 1984. Bon is an actor, and was recently Christine in the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas. (she's a big fucking deal. i'm not joking).  She walked onstage without uttering one note and I turned into a blubbering mess. I sometimes think she is more mature and wise than any of us because not only does she own property, but she knows about like, tax write offs and shit. I'm lucky I know that I'm supposed to file them.
Then there's Esme. I first laid eyes on Ese when I was 5 years old, and she was swinging around the flag pole with a navy blue hat and red horns coming out of it. She was a grade above me, and from what I could tell, would be able to kick the shit out of me. Thank god that she had to stay back a year, because it was in Mrs. Mansfield's first grade class I initially met her. She was this quiet, observant person that had a mischievous grin whenever she was about to persuade me to do something. I have more than once (twice, hundreds of times) leaned on her for support; it is through her grace and patience I am a better person. She's also the one that told me there was no Santa. I'm still recovering.

So years later we're all the grown up versions of the children we were, and thank god these three women are in my life; they are some of the best humans on the planet, and are the rocks that make me stronger than I could have ever been on my own. xo.

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